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At LaMoor Family 1st we work to establish a great rapport with our consumers. We believe establishing a great rapport with consumers is fundamental to the foundation of the therapeutic relationship and is where growth begins. Being able, to be honest, without fear of judgment allows us to collaborate and work together to develop an individualized success plan that will work best for you! See below what some of our consumers have said about LaMoor Family 1st.

  • "I feel comfortable talking to you and being honest with you."
  • "I actually enjoyed services once I started, I didn't want to do them"
  • "It was an inclusive atmosphere"
  • "The staff is Non-Judgmental and concerned. I would recommend this place to anyone."
  • "Being involved upfront, honesty and makes it relatable."
  • "Open my eye's to what I was sleep to."
  • "The ability to be transparent, freely speak about issues (true real-life issues) and the constructive criticism I received. The ability to be honest without judgment. "
  • "Thanks for Person Centered Individualized Services and for Understanding Everyone is different with their own unique needs. "
  • "I truly believe that everyone has the ability to change when equipped with the right tools and support. Thanks for your support."

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