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Q: Will I lose my job if I test positive or refuse a test?
A: The DOT regulations do not address hiring, termination, or other employment actions. These decisions are solely the employer's, which may be based on company policy and/or any collective bargaining agreements.
Q: What’s the difference between a RTD and a Pre-Employment test?
A: RTD tests are only to be given after an employee has violated the drug and alcohol program by receiving a positive or non-negative result. They must have also completed the initial steps of the Return-to-Duty process – including the completion of the recommended counseling program.
Moreover, unlike a Pre-Employment test, RTDs must be directly observed. This means an individual of the same sex has to accompany the employee during the entire process to ensure the integrity of the test.
Q: What is the Return-to-Duty process?
A: The DOT requires the following specific steps to be taken following a positive test:
Q: How many Follow-Up tests have to be taken?
A: DOT requires the SAP to schedule a minimum of six tests over a 12-month period, but the process may continue for up to five years. Like the RTD test, each Follow-Up test must be taken under direct observation.
Q: Do Follow-Up tests replace Random testing?
A: No. Just like all drivers, the employee must be included in a regular random testing pool and complete any selections he/she may receive. A Random test cannot replace a Follow-Up and a Follow-Up cannot replace a Random, as Random tests are not taken under direct observation.

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