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About Us

LaMoor Family 1st is a leading provider for Drug / Alcohol Assessments and SAP Services. We help our customers with the resources and provide step by step guidance they need to put their lives back on track for success. Our goal is providing effective mental health/substance abuse, and SAP services in a safe, and professional environment.


We understand that life happens and individuals make mistakes. Our services are provided in a way that in a way that is confidential, supportive and NON-JUDGMENTAL. It is important for us to foster hope through, integrity, respect, and treating others with dignity & compassion. It is our belief that everyone can become the change they want to see when empowered with knowledge, appropriate tools, and adequate support. Our high success rate speaks for itself. We have been recognized as being amongst the most effective service providers in Oklahoma. We further believe that every situation, life throws at us can become a teachable moment to be used for creating future success.


Through our educational programs and services we show our customers how to create successes today and in the future. Call or Email Us Now, you are NOT alone! We are here to help you step by step through the process.



The vision of LaMoors Family 1st is too create safe, professional, and non-judgmental environments. In these environments individuals and families can self-examine, collaborate, plan, and transform their lives through setting appropriate boundaries that manifest themselves in correct thinking patterns, thus allowing for successful attainment of individual or family goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of LaMoor Family 1st is to strengthen communities; by helping one person, one family at a time. We believe in and understand the importance of the family unit. It is further our belief that when equipped with the right tools and support an individual possibilities become limitless.

We know Life Happens and our staff is committed to providing effective treatment, education and support to equip individuals with the tools necessary to navigate through the rough moments when Life Happens. We believe that every situation in life can be used as a teachable moment to improve ones quality of life. Our staff is here to assist you in making a noticeable difference in your life, which will bring families together, while positively impacting the communities around you.

What We Believe In

The principles that guide and drive our company culture, strategy and our individual actions in all that we do are:

  • Fairness

  • Authenticity

  • Motivating

  • Integrity

  • Love

  • You

Our Core Values are the cornerstone for the process of which our programs are delivered, and the reason behind our success.

Our Staff/ Providers

When it comes to having the knowledge and experience it takes to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. LaMoor Family 1st is the industry leader. Our providers have the credentials, the experience and the compassion to help those who need it most. Our staff embrace the core values of our company to provide our clients the highest standard of care offered throughout Oklahoma. We employ:

  • Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Marital & Family Counselors
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • SAP-Qualified (DOT)
  • State Certified Case Mangers
  • State Certified DUI Assessors (ADSAC)
  • State Certified DUI Facilitators 10hr/24hr (ADSAC)
  • Certified Ohio Risk Inventory Assessor (Offender Assessment)

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